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    We understand that nothing is more important to you than the welfare of your children! Our sitters provide safe child care, AND a fun and unique learning experience in the creative arts while you are out. We know every family is different and with a hectic lifestyle, needs might change - flexibility is important to us. We are here to grow with you and offer you the ability to pay for what you need, when you need it. We look forward to meeting you, working together, and connecting you with our fantastic sitters!

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Artist Babysitting has worked wonderfully for us. They have always been able to find someone to sit for us, sometimes on very short notice, and both we and our two boys have really enjoyed the sitters they’ve sent us, who have been both reliable and fun. We would definitely recommend this agency for busy parents. - Tamsin

What sets Artist Babysitting apart?

Personal Relationships
We connect with our sitters and families to make sure we understand the dynamic of both. Not only are requirements related to a sitters experience, responsibilities, and qualifications met, we also strive to make sure personality, connection, and chemistry are a winning match. This results in YOU, our families, having confidence in our agency and sitters, knowing that your children are not only in great hands but they will also have a wonderful time while you are away!
Artistic Creativity
When our sitters care for your child, they use professional artistic talents to engage your child in a project-based environment. Our sitters follow routines and meet sitting expectations, but aim to use as much artistry as they can in the time spent with your children. Our “NO TV” policy allows them to reach an artistic goal while working with your children. Our sitters’ artistic emphasis can be anything from singing songs to an infant, to writing, directing and designing a play with your preteen!
We know that a busy lifestyle can make it challenging to find convenient childcare. Artist Babysitting strives to accommodate your busy schedule and make booking our sitters simple with our quick and easy-to-use booking tool. Our goal is to develop a lasting relationship with your family to provide a reliable and talented sitter that fits seamlessly into your busy day.
  • Are you a new family looking to register with Artist Babysitting? Are you visiting New York and looking for a fantastic sitter during your stay? Do you have an event that you need help planning? Do you have an event that you need wonderful sitters to help facilitate? Are you simply in need of wonderful sitters to watch your pets or home while you are away? If so, we would LOVE to help you! Our friendly staff are here to assist your family and meet your needs in whatever capacity we can.

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I am so happy that we found Artist Babysitting because we got some fabulous sitters and my husband and I got to have date nights again! Our son always had a great time and I got a chance to have “me time” again. How else can finding reliable, fantastic babysitters in NYC be so easy? - Betsy
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    Are you a new sitter looking to join our fantastic team of Artist Babysitting Sitters? If so, we are currently interviewing. Please contact us and include your resume, artistry and availability.

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