Virtual Sitting Services

Virtual Sitting Has Arrived!



We are excited to announce that we are offering sitters to you VIRTUALLY! We have been working hard to find new ways for your families to connect with our wonderful sitters. We also hope that this virtual sitting opportunity will give you, our parents, a chance to take a small break to refuel!


  • REGISTERED FAMILIES: If you are a registered family of Artist Babysitting Agency, we are so excited to  work together virtually! Please login to your family profile and place your virtual booking request now! (Bookings > Booking Requests)
  • NON REGISTERED / NEW FAMILIES: If you are a NEW family to Artist Babysitting Agency, welcome! Please click on the following link to start your Virtual Sitting Services registration. New Family Registration Link. If you have additional questions before you start your registration, please email our Information Department ( and we will be happy to help you!


Virtual Sitting & Home-School Instruction Services!


  • Virtual Playtime & Stimulation!  

Our fabulous sitters are ready to do what they do best: Create, entertain and have fun with your kiddos! We realize that a small break, even virtually, can be just the medicine you need to get a conference call completed, do the laundry, or even take an uninterrupted shower! Our sitters can play games, sing songs, have a dance party, read books, do a craft or art project, decorate cookies… The possibilities are endless!


  • Scholastic Help. Home-school Instructional Help and Guidance.

The home-school instructions can be INTENSE! We look at what needs to be accomplished and we are all ready to make sure our teachers get a raise! We are here to help! Many of our sitters have an  extensive amount of experience with scholastic help and even specific subject tutoring. In light of these current academic needs, we just completed re-evaluating our sitter’s strengths in this area and feel that we can offer great help to you with this service. Our sitters can also help to keep it fun & creative so that our kids do not completely dread the task! You can send your confirmed sitter your child’s instructions the day before your booking so that they have time to look them over to be prepared for the following day’s instruction!


  • Virtual Work and Fun, All in ONE!

This virtual session lets your children and sitter do it all! Need a little scholastic help along with a little fun? We will make that happen! Maybe there is a math sheet to accomplish plus a 20 minute session of reading comprehension to complete. We are on it! We know for sure that there is noting better than to end your virtual session with a great game of Simon says, a dance party or a serious game of mad libs! We can help to create a great session combining the essential work assignments that need to be completed and some great fun activities!


Virtual Booking Rates & Policies


Booking Fee Packages:

As a sign of our appreciation and support during these unprecedented and difficult times, we are extending a 25% discount to our current booking fee packages.

  • Single Booking Fee: $18.75 (one hour min - per session)
  • Same Day Single Booking Fee: $30.00 (one hour min - per session)
  • 5 Pack Package:  $75.00 (one hour min - per session)
  • 10 Pack Page: $131.25 (one hour min - per session)
  • April Monthly Unlimited: $150.00 (one hour min - per session)


Sitter’s Hourly Rate:


  • For our Virtual Playmate & Stimulation bookings, our sitter’s hourly rate starts at $25 per hour with a one hour minimum.
  • For our Scholastic Help / Home-School Instructional Help and Guidance, our sitter’s hourly rate starts at $25 per hour with a one hour minimum.
  • For our Virtual Work and Fun, All in ONE, our sitter’s hourly rate starts at $25 per hour with a one hour minimum


Booking Policies:


  • Booking Minimum: We have a one (1) hour minimum for our virtual booking services.
  • Cancellation: Please Note: Artist Babysitting has a FIRM 24 hour cancellation policy
  • All bookings and cancellations must go through the agency. You will receive an email confirmation and see all of your confirmed bookings in your Artist Babysitting Family Profile.

We look forward to connecting with you virtually!

Let's Get Started!

The Artist Babysitting Team