Pet & House Sitting Service

Pet & House Sitting Service

Our process is designed to make sure each family is comfortable and confident in Artist Babysitting Agency. Below is a structure of the registered family service.

Registration Fee:
One time $50
Booking Fees:
Starting at $25 per day
Sitter Rates:
Starting at $60/day
Minimum Hours:
1 day
Cancellation Policy:
Firm 48-hour cancellation
Cab Fare:
Starting at 11pm - Full fare home
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Available Services

Pet Sitting
House Sitting
Plant Care
Mail Collection

Pet and House Sitting Policies and Fees

When you have the opportunity to take a trip, we know how exciting that can be! But, we also know it can be stressful if you have pets or home responsibilities too. Not to worry, we are here to help! We have Sitters with pet sitting and house management experience that are ready to step in and make sure that your beloved pets and personal treasures are safe and sound while you are away.

Artist Babysitting has a firm paid-in-full 24 hour cancellation policy. If you need to cancel your booking, please call or email us 24 hours before your booking occurs.

Registration Fee: One time $30.00 fee

Booking Fee: Starting at $25/day
Flat rate booking fees are available when you will be out of town for days or weeks. The flat rate is determined by your specific needs while you are away. The booking fees will not be charged until we have all of your information on file and you have approved our Sitter's profile.

Our sitters daily rates start as low as $60 per day, which is paid to the sitter directly.

The daily rate varies depending on the Sitter, the number of pets they are in charge of and any additional requests. The hourly rate will always be clearly stated in your official confirmation.

Our Sitters’ daily rate can be paid in cash, by check, or online money transfer such as Paypal or Venmo. If you plan on paying by online using Paypal or Venmo, please let us know beforehand so that we can exchange the proper account information.

We have a 1-day minimum. Please pay for the days you have booked your Sitter. If you end up needing the Sitter longer than they are booked, you are required to pay for the additional time as well.

Starting at 11pm, please provide cab fare to ensure their safe trip home.

To use our service, you are required to sign a contract. As stated in our contract, under no circumstances should our Sitters work for you without our official agency confirmation.

Once you begin the registration process, we will send you our contract to electronically sign. Once you have approved the assigned Sitter, signed our Visiting Family Contract and your credit/debit card has been charged for the associated booking fee, we will email you our official confirmation. The confirmation will come from our booking email ( and will show the requested date(s), time(s), special instructions, Sitter information and payment information.